About Regina Belle

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Regina Belle-Battle

2008 Performer

She is the wife and First Lady or First Servant as she is affectionately referred to by the congregation at New Shield of Faith Christian Ministries, where her husband John S. Battle is the Senior Pastor.

The mother of 5, she has 4 young ladies, Winter, Tiy, Sydni, and Nyla, and 1 young man, Jayln. She is the Praise and Worship Leader and the Director for the Choir as well as a Minister who brings forth the word of God.

Yes NSOF is blessed with a first servant who can sing and she sings high praises to the Lord with a melodic voice which ushers in the Holy Spirit with love and tremendous God given power. If you ask her who had the most influence in her life, she is quick to tell you my mama. Her mother is a God fearing woman, who definitely stood firm in guiding her down the right path. Regina Belle has been a mentionable name to some, but a household name in most parts of the Black community throughout the U.S. We've known her for the hits that she's acquired all the way from her first single, "Show Me The Way", "Make It Like It Was", "This Is Love", and so many more. She's probably most known for the platinum selling, Grammy award winning "A Whole New World"! However there are many facets of First Servant Regina Belle-Battle that the public is not so aware of. She attended Manhattan School of Music for Preparatory College, where she studied classical training for voice and chorus, as well as Rutgers University where she was a double major in accounting and history with a minor in music. Several years later she married her best friend of nine years, former NBA shooting guard, John Sidney Battle, III. Regina then slowed up her career a bit to make time for family. What is not as obvious to those who didn't know her, Minister Regina was never shy about who God has been and is in her life. She has worn the mantle of, "I'll talk about and own God everywhere and anywhere I go"! And she has done just that! Jesus said go into the highways and the hedges, and Regina has done that too, despite the criticism that she receives. First Servant Regina Belle-Battle says, that there are some folks in the club, in the arena, who are not necessarily bad people, but if they don't know God they're in a bad way"! "But God loves them, and he came for them too, just like he came for you and me"! She has been honored by God himself, to have allowed her gift to make room for a 2008, Gospel debut album entitled, Love Forever Shines! She says, "This was the most important project by far I've ever done, because I'm now more "responsible" and "accountable" to God for everything that I record, speak, preach and proclaim from this day forward"! She is always busy, but "to whom much is given, much is required"! First Servant is pressing toward the mark of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus!

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