About Anthony & Christina Murray

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Pastors Anthony & Christina Murray

Oasis Family Life Church

Pastor Anthony and Christina Murray: Pastor Anthony Murray, a trendsetter at heart in the body of Christ, has been given a “New Ministry for a New Day”. Designed for the contemporary Christian lifestyle, passionate people with a profound love for God have been planted in the West Georgia region.

Oasis Family Life Church is the place to come and experience a vibrant and refreshing life changing move to God. Faithfully, serving God, Pastor Anthony serves in ministry with his wife Christina and their two beautiful daughters Jasena and Jade.

Blending together an African American and Hispanic cultural mix, this pair is transcending the barriers of time, and change within the body of Christ.This is a ministry that empowers people for the new millennium. With a mission of going to the E.D.G.E (“Educating and Demonstrating God Effectively!”) Pastor Anthony and Christina Murray have devoted their lives to serving the community. The son of a preacher, Pastor Anthony Murray was called to minister God’s word at an early age. Pastor Anthony began with a small bible study group which eventually grew to what became know as Club VFL in Douglasville, Georgia. Utilizing his God given talents and vision, he has achieved much, including Youth Outreach Crusades and High School Campus Outreach Ministries. With their true love for God and His people, Pastor Anthony and Christina later established The Oasis Family Life Church in January 2006. A place where people can be real, a place to grow, and a place to build meaningful relationships. Together they continuously seek God’s face for new and innovative ways to win souls. Truly, the hand of God is on the lives of Pastor Anthony and Christina Murray as they strive towards their destiny in the Lord.

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